The Hideout Series

Hideout #1 is the first of a projected series.
Each will be a concretization of emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical places of refuge...such as we might have called "hideouts" as kids.
I have come to see all human endeavor as pastime, as refuge from constant awareness of mortality, futility; therefore terribly important and of no consequence whatsoever. This idea could be utterly dreary to contemplate, and at times it is, but for the most part my life has been a fairly constant attempt to make it -my life- joyful.
Memory, it seems, in this construct, is the most constant pastime, as it is also the filter through which the present is experienced. Memory, association. So almost any image that recurs to me with a certain persistence has only to be incorporated, somehow, technically. I am but a technical assistant to my need to make manifest the images of my interests, understandings, passions, and memories. My pastimes. I'm there to build the parts and figure out how they go together, not to comment or edit too much or try to figure out what they mean. When the piece is done, it tells its story, and I'm free to figure out what the hell I was talking about.
The Hideout construct turns out to be a limitless umbrella for such a series as I am now officially embarked upon...assuming I actually do at least a few of the ones I envision next. I hope not to include lighting in most of the others. And I hope they will be smaller. This one is a little over 52” wide, about 31" tall, (68" including the table), and almost that deep.

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